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Food & Drink Stumpy's Hatchet house

Come And Throw It


Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Waco, Texas currently does not serve food or alcoholic drinks from our facility. We do sell soda, water, energy drinks, and water.  We allow patrons to bring their own food, beer and wine. This not only allows you to save money, it also allows you to customize your experience at SHH. Our staff will provide buckets of ice to keep at your table to ice your drinks down and ensure your drinks stay cold all night long.

Axe throwing waco


Since we do not have a kitchen staff and only offer light snacks, Stumpy’s allows you to bring your own food to your axe throwing reservation. Oftentimes, going out to a local venue can get expensive and you may not like what is on the menu. By being able to bring your own food, you can enjoy your favorite food while throwing axes and hanging out with your friends. Many of our customers choose to pick up food on the way to Stumpys from their favorite local restaurant or fast food location to have everything they need when they arrive. With plenty of seating at our farm style tables, you can sit and enjoy your meal among friends while you wait for your turn to throw.


Stumpy’s locations offer soft drinks, water, iced tea, and Red Bulls, but no alcohol. However, Stumpy’s does allow you to bring your own beer or wine (no liquor) inside our facility. If you are needing to keep your drinks cold during your stay, our staff can provide buckets of ice for your drinks. If you plan on drinking beer or wine during your axe throwing reservation, make sure to stop by your local beer or wine store before arriving.


Whether you forgot to bring food, did not have time, or simply got hungry during your axe throwing reservation, you can have food delivered to Stumpy’s. Local restaurants that deliver and services like Favor or DoorDash can be used to deliver local food to Stumpy’s for your party. Many customers choose to go this route as it provides a unique dining experience while allowing them to enjoy hot and fresh food during their reservation. We suggest checking out many of the local Waco locally owned businesses to get a true Waco experience while supporting the family-run businesses located in the downtown Waco area.


If you are hosting an event such as a birthday party or corporate event where you want to provide food for your entire party, have it catered. Stumpy’s Hatchet House will allow local restaurants to bring in large amounts of food for your event to provide dining for your entire party. We ask that you please work with our staff to ensure your catering will work with our Waco location and not disrupt any other party or event. Give us a call today to discuss your catering plans to coordinate with our team on the best way to execute your food delivery.

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